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Company, Employee and Contractor Expertise

Companies are seriously challenged by acquiring, capturing, sharing and using expertise. Consequently the cost of replacing an employee can be as high as six months’ worth of pay and the total cost to the US economy is over $50B a year.

Internal Productivity Expertise

Just imagine the value of internal productivity tips alone. What a great place to start. We use so many different types of technology to perform our jobs and, in many cases, we customize software and processes to tune them to our ideal way of working. Just like our IT Productivity tips, you can create your own and share them across all users of that specific software.

Process & Task Expertise

With FuseExpertise, employees can easily capture their own expertise, share it, improve on it and actually put it into practice. For example, if you have a dozen things to do as part of a month end or a weekly report, not only can you document the specific steps with instructions, screen shots, video and any number of URLs and attachments, you can actually kick off the process each week or month (in this example) and use your checklist (on steroids) to check off each of the items that you have performed. Going on vacation? No problem. Someone can actually do your job – accurately! And when you move on to another job in the company, your replacement will be able to perform your job because many key processes and specific job functions are not just documented but actionable expertise.

Sales and Channel Expertise

Want to keep a fully educated channel and sales force? FuseExpertise allows you to trickle out product and service selling tips, instructions, competitive differentiators, etc. You can trickle this content out daily, weekly or monthly and you can track and hold recipients accountable for reading the content. Furthermore, you can see who has set topic specific priorities, actions, goals, reminders or bookmarked the content. Want to see who your keeners are and who is the best informed – you get all these analytics and more!

Strategic Expertise

Want a consistent way to stay on top of the competition? Do want to harvest ideas and put them through a process to help you drive innovation and superior margins and profitability? FuseExpertise dramatically enhances these and many other strategic processes without any programming or complicated customization.  

FuseExpertise provides a simple and extensible platform for maximizing the value of expertise. Don’t treat labor as an expense -  treat it like an asset and capture it, share it, put it in to practice and keep improving upon it.