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Experts & Authors

Not necessarily one and the same, there are lots of experts who are not authors and there are plenty of authors who are not experts. Many experts don’t author or share their expertise simply because there isn’t a platform that allows them to do it effectively, efficiently and provide their audience with a rich experience. Many authors have taken time to provide their expertise in a structured format, but still are limited and frustrated by the normal authoring, publishing and distribution techniques.

We believe that all experts should be authors on the FuseExpertise platform. We also believe that authors, in the traditional sense, who provide their expertise in a structured way, can leverage the value and utility of their expertise on our platform. It is a big win for both the author and the audience.

Codified Knowledge / Expertise

Tacit expertise is what most individuals and businesses have an abundance of. It resides in long winded documents, white papers, books/ebooks and, though of some value, it is not very easy to retain, is not actionable - and it is difficult to hold anyone accountable for either reading, retaining it or putting it into practice. It’s your classic employee handbook, general business books, seminar and workshop PDFs etc. You have to read a lot and then try to reduce it to the salient points before you can extract value.

Codified expertise is “to the point” expertise, such as 50 IT Productivity Tips. It is condensed and allows you to benchmark against it, learn, retain, put it to practice and improve.

FuseExpertise brings significant value to both forms of expertise but really shines with respect to codified expertise.

The Failings of Books, Ebooks, Workshops, Seminars, Conferences and LMS

There is a lot of value in “a good read”, and in the focus and socialization and experiential sharing around group venues. The problem is after the read, after the experience. The three pillars of maximizing intellectual productivity are retention, execution/action and accountability. These mediums fall short on at least one of these pillars and score low on all of them. There is nothing wrong with that, if the objective is entertainment or general comprehension. But when the goal is loftier such as competitive advantage, top performance or survival of the fittest, then the bar is much higher.

Businesses are in business only when they can compete. Benchmarking a business relative to good or best practices is critical to establishing a balance sheet in time. It’s far easier to establish improvement goals and priorities when you have a measurement in time.

But we consistently fail to maximize and monetize the value of expertise. The leverage of this asset is beyond imagination.

The Invitation

So we invite experts and authors alike to experience our platform, which we believe commands the same level of respect as your hard earned subject matter expertise does. We bring scale, efficiency and effectiveness to the forefront of expert content. We are the annuity and the loyalty equation that you have been seeking from your audience. In turn, your audience gets the retention, execution and accountability that they need to reach new levels of intellectual productivity and effectiveness. It’s a game changer.