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How We Do It

When you have internal IT competency and have not outsourced your IT management to one firm, FuseExpertise will be extremely beneficial to you to internally communicate the need for improvement and further investments in areas of risk and opportunity. 

(1) We provide IT Managers with IT Health content and an "always on" collaborative business improvement platform so you can involve your peers and vendors in the review and decision making process. 

(2) Use our platform to perform comprehensive IT business assessments and work with your team to set out priorities, budgets and improvement plans.

(3) The software allows employees to provide feedback on their computing experience and competency, which helps to make everyone realize that, as a percentage of payroll, an increase in IT investment makes sense if the goal is productivity and competitiveness.

(4) You can push out IT Productivity tips to employees, one every day. They, in turn, can then set reminders and goals, and also discuss and augment the productivity content with their own suggested productivity tips.

(5) Employees and contractors can capture their own expertise in simple checklists for fully detailed instructions or procedures - with attachments, video, pictures - then share it and put it into practice. Turn an expense into an asset and leverage the future!