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Introduction to IT Health

What We Do for IT Managers

IT Managers:  It's your job to make your firm the most competitive, productive and successful company in its space. Like it or not, you got the job and expectations are high. Your job is on the line. Whether you work on your own or in partnership with one or more of your IT providers, we are here to help you and your company succeed. We provide you with:

(1) A terrific way for you (and, perhaps, a peer group) to benchmark your business against practical best practices and identify business risks and opportunities.              

(2) Evaluate your IT health relative to other businesses, and generate overall and detailed report cards, and set near and long term priorities
(3) Establish "needs" based improvement plans and supplement them with action plans and budgets. 

(4) Get the respect and confidence of owners, CFOs and other senior management with a clearly articulated risk and opportunity analysis, as well as a plan for executing on them.   

(5) Create a great relationship with your fellow employees by involving them in the competency and satisfaction review process.

PLUS Give your users access to our IT Productivity content delivered to their dashboard and by email, and allow them to identify favorites and also discuss, augment and contribute their own company-wide productivity tips.

PLUS Improve the productivity and success of your company by allowing them to capture, share and reuse their own expertise in any or all aspects of their job.            

“IT and business improvement go hand in hand, and we have the platform to support you”