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 Add Your Firm's IT Expertise
Do you have deep expertise of your own, in a specific vertical or industry? Do you have domain expertise in a particular aspect of IT - security, ecommerce, websites, workflow, ERP? Add your expertise to ours (or just use yours) and leverage that expertise with our platform - use is as a review, assessment, management and client engagement vehicle. Even license others to use your expertise, and grow your business in other geographies and markets.
 IT Productivity
Performing IT Health reviews with your customers isn't your thing? No problem. But wouldn't you like to stay close to your clients by placing your brand on our platform and IT Productivity content, and collect commissions? This is a great way of scoring big relationship points while keeping your brand in front of clients' employees. Try IT Productivity, and then call us to ask about our branding program and how it works.
 Your Client's Expertise
Want to add more value for your clients than any other offering? Help them capture, share and put into practice their corporate expertise. By introducing them to IT Health and/or IT Productivity, you are setting the stage for them to realize that they could and should be monetizing their own expertise. We'll support you by providing you with full access to FuseExpertise for your company - it is 100% satisfaction guaranteed, and you'll never look back.  

How We Do It

(1) We provide IT professional services firms with IT Best Practices content and an "always on" collaborative business improvement platform.

(2) IT professionals use our platform to perform comprehensive IT business assessments and work with their clients to lay out priorities, budgets and improvement plans.

(3) The software allows employees to provide feedback on their computing experience and competency, which helps clients realize that, as a percentage of payroll, IT investment makes sense.

(4) When your clients adopt the platform, they can push out IT Productivity tips to employees, one every day. They can then set reminders and goals, and also discuss and augment the productivity content with their own suggested productivity tips.

(5) IT firms and clients can capture their own expertise, simple checklists for fully detailed instructions or procedures - with attachments, video, pictures - then share it and put it into practice.